Game Design

Games Design

Game Design in my third year

I am part of a five man team creating a game for our group project. We were set the task of creating a game with a concept of “who am I”. Our group project game it called Rizbo this is also the characters name. We have come up with the idea of a maze game were the player needs to complete them in order to proceed. This was a great way for us all to learn how to work together as a team and come up with a good idea for a game and make it a reality.

Gameover view

The idea of the game is to play through the mazes as Rizbo completing all five mazes to finish the game. It’s not quite strait forward as completing mazes by getting to the end. The player can only see a small part of the maze that they are currently standing in. The screen will follows the player around the maze making the player navigate their way through the maze by memory and by collecting map pieces (maze images in halves, quarters or 8 pieces depending on the size of the map). The player will also be required to collect pills throughout the levels. These pills give Rizbo the power of strength to move blocks and other obstacles. There is the flying pill allowing Rizbo to fly over large gaps or water and there are swimming pill's allowing Rizbo to swim across water allowing access to the other side of the maze. While all this is going on the player must stay focused on which direction he/she should be going.

My Role

My role in the development of Rizbo was to create the mazes for each level. My job was to create five level difficulties so that as the game progressed as well as the levels becoming longer and harder to complete. I also had to ensuring that all of the walls lined up with the floor tiles making sure there were no gaps between the corners of the walls to ensure there are no bug issues. Another role I volunteered to do was keep bug tracking documents up to date and ensuring the lead coder received them all. This was a very important role for me as this will need to be brought to the coder’s attention all the time to prevent large problem in later development.

London Underground Project

The idea for the underground project is to create a level pack for Unreal tournament so that players can fight it out on the well known London Liverpool street station


As you can see from the renders I am in charge of the trains and other large models. I create these in max with textures and then I import them in to the Unreal editor. I am working alongside Sam McDonald who creates all of the underground scenes for the models. You can see Sam’s work on his site at:

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