3D Models

This is another project that I am working on BMW 3 Series

What I am trying to do is create another life like model but of a BMW 3 Series. The model its self is almost complete i am now just adding a few changes to make it my own like the rear wing.

This is a project I am working on at the moment a Golf MKII

What I am trying to do is create a life like model of a Golf MKII. I will update the section with new images once I have rendered the model.

My Final Dissertation piece

I have created Tower Bridge as a high and low poly model for my dissertation. The low poly is originally for a Moviestorm pack and i then created a high poly model to show how different they can be. I show this by showing a textured version of the low poly against the high poly model.

Learning Center

The learning centre is a building structure I created for Project Wonderland. Project Wonderland is a company that creates virtual world for any kind of business or social network. The idea for this project that was set for us was to create a virtual space for either a teaching environment, social environment or a place for businesses to hold conferences. The idea was to create a wide open space for people to use. I chose to create a teaching/social environment for my project.


I designed this area to have an outside space for users to socialize in and use the building for the teaching. I put most of the design in to the building creating a realistic looking building. Inside the building you will be able to see some TV monitors in the lobby. I had the idea of using these monitors for things like class information and other types of useful information. I tried to make the building look more modern with the large windows also giving the rooms more light as if you were in the room yourself.


I think that this project was a good learning curve for me as i work to a company’s deadlines and restrictions. This gave me an idea on what I could achieve in a time frame. This project was set as a competition among the class that i was fortunate to win it also gave me a big confidence boost. To find more images of this model please click on the image.

This is a model of an MG ZR. I created this model form an assessment. I got the inspiration to make this car model from my love for care. I created this specific model because it is my own car and it also made it very easy to get all of the reference images I needed to create it. The alloys on the care are also from my own car. This has to be one of my favourite assessments I really enjoy creating cars as you will be able to see further down with the Audi A3 Model. To find more images of this model please click on the image.

This was my first year’s assignment; my idea here was to create a small bungalow. This was my first piece of modelling I had done when I began my course back in 2008. I didn’t base this bungalow on any in particular building. As you will see when you enter this page there are a few models I have created some of them are from my own belongings. The assessment was to create a building with at least six rooms. What I have done here is created a bungalow with its six rooms and added in a few items for decoration. I have also added in a few trees as the scene had to have a sky dome as well. To find more images of this model please click on the image.

Abandoned ground floor hotel scene

This is a scene for a game idea for my second year. What I have done here is created three rooms mainly focused on this games room. I have tried to create a room that has been abandoned and a few things broken and areas blocked off. The reason for this is because my back story is an adventure survival type game, for example in this scene there are a pile of stools jammed in the bar entrance blocking the path to the basement. The player would needs to find clues and solve puzzles to find the key to access the basement from the storage room. The sort of thing I was aiming this scene at was a resident evil type of game where you are required to find the items. To find more images of this model please click on the image.

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Here you will find my work i have done at university and projects iv been working on in my own time

3D MG ZR Model

First year house Model